Reducing Physical Destructive Testing Costs with Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO)

Our world is rapidly changing.  The future is demanding.  And companies need to harness the power of innovation to keep pace in an ever-evolving market.  We truly believe that we are driving innovation and changing the world by helping companies develop and deliver transformative products.  We do that through the power of engineering simulation. With our software, companies can engineer products completely in a computer – without the need for costly physical prototypes. That helps organizations increase the top line while driving bottom-line savings. Ansys accelerates development.  We optimize and improve quality.  And we help you engineer what’s ahead. It builds upon the foundation set in the parametric analysis and optimization course. 

PI: Process Integrate, automate the manual CAE process. We have setup a mature simulation model. We define I/O parameter. We success ran some designs. And we can evaluate the performance of the model with the help of the defined output parameters. With design optimization, we want to evaluate hundreds of designs which can’t be done manually anymore. So, all manual tasks, such as geometry generation, meshing, and solving must be automatized.

DO: Design Optimization, the Design Parameters are systematically modified by mathematical algorithms to get an improvement of an existing design or to find a global optimum.

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