computer Aided engineering

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Integration of design and manufacturing processes.

The use of computing resources to drive the traditional design and manufacturing cycle reduces the time needed for robust product development, testing and engineering problem resolution while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing processes.

Computer Aided Engineering Solutions

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Harness CAD software for engineers, architects, and designers to craft precise 2D/3D illustrations, drawings, and models effortlessly. Visualize designs realistically and simulate real-world scenarios seamlessly with CAD tools.

Engineering Simulation

Discover the power of Engineering Simulation software, commonly known as CAE software, to simulate real-world scenarios in a virtual environment. Validate and optimize product and process designs efficiently. Engineering simulation drives the entire product lifecycle, from digital design exploration to prototyping and leveraging digital twins for maintenance, repair, and operations management.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Ensuring that your design is manufacturable at an early stage is crucial to ensuring top quality, low error and reject rates and minimal rework while ensuring that project cost is managed and deadlines kept on schedule. Design for manufacturing (DFM) software allows users to easily check and evaluate potential manufacturing issues and faults in the product design early on in the product development cycle.

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