Industrial Internet of Things

A world where both ordinary and exotic devices are connected

Wirelessly to the Internet this means devices that do not already have a network connection may have one added in the future when it is logical and appropriate to do so. For example, an IoT device could be a temperature gauge, a location sensor, a device measuring humidity, or an integrated circuit that checks vibration.

Eight IOT Use Cases

Here’s some of our top use-cases that industries can implement to add the most value and return-on-investment to their business.

Asset Performance Management

Quickly react to anomalies with real-time alerts that indicate the need for action, monitor equipment heath and OEE.

Condition Monitoring

Proactively identify production line issues and reduce unscheduled downtime through remote and real-time condition monitoring. 

Predictive Maintenance

Proactively maintain machines to prolong their lifecycle, improving productivity and reducing maintenance costs. 

New Revenue Channels

Offer maintenance as a service to open new revenue channels, providing real time visibility to your customers.

Energy Management

Identify peaks or dips in energy usage, better understand how individual machines and processes are contributing to overall energy consumption.

Digital Twin

Receive real data to supplement your virtual models. Use this data to see how close actual performance is to what was expected, reducing the risks and costs associated with adjusting machines and processes

Inventory, warehouse and supply chain management

Manage supplies and inventory at all manufacturing locations, Optimize space and minimize costs by perfecting just-in-time (JIT) inventory and resource forecasting.

New business model – products as a service

Adding technology to your products opens up a new sales channel: products as a service. This means you can start leasing your machines and charging based on usage.

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