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We strives to ensure

CAD-IT strives to ensure that all our customers experience world-class services and support from our team of technical experts which includes application experts, doctorate and master holders.

Our Customer Care Program

includes, but is not limited to, the following exclusive benefits 

Technical Support

Provided via traditional channels (phone/fax/email), online tools, and onsite consultation. Followed by global partner support.

Support-Tracking System

Utilized for customer assistance using a knowledge base of product information.

Software Updates and Access

Includes software release updates, patches, bug fixes, and new version releases.

Access to Customer Portals

Grants entry to resources like knowledge bases, software downloads, documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and error reporting.

Priority Support

Provides priority access to technical resources, custom workshops, and CAD-IT’s workshops.

Event Privileges

Offers priority registration to CAD-IT events, conferences, training, and special pricing benefits.

Administrative Services

Includes complimentary server machine and account name changes.

Annual Customer Audit Report

Provides insights into product/service usage and offers a feedback channel for continual improvements.

Customized Services

Tailored user meetings, in-house seminars, and training courses.

Updates and Events

Regular mailer updates, webinars, and CAD-IT organized events for staying informed about industrial and technological trends.

Training Rates

Exclusive rates for specialized and group staff training.

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