Granta Edupack

Material selection and appropriate processes for engineering applications pose significant challenges, particularly in an era marked by the emergence of new manufacturing technologies and materials resulting from ongoing research. This rapid evolution necessitates both current engineers and future professionals to acknowledge the importance of product flexibility, sustainable development, and environmental considerations. Ansys Granta offers a comprehensive material science management technology, facilitating the selection, assessment, and development of materials to drive innovation with optimal efficiency throughout the product life cycle. This webinar will delve into the application and advantages of Ansys Granta for educational institutions, providing insights into its tools and resources tailored specifically for university educators and students.

Ansys Granta EduPack stands as a complete, comprehensive, and supportive teaching package designed for materials education at the degree level across various engineering disciplines, design fields, scientific domains, and areas related to sustainable development. Currently adopted by over 1,400 leading universities and institutions worldwide, it offers a wealth of resources to enhance materials education and research.

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