Ansys Mechanical Workflow for Acoustics & Noise Simulation

“Ansys Mechanical Workflow for Acoustics and Noise Simulation,” to explore the world of acoustics and learn about advanced simulation techniques. We’ll start with the basics, explaining why acoustics is crucial in engineering. From there, we’ll dive into topics like Computational Aero Acoustics (CAA), sound waves, and the acoustic wave equation. The discussion goes beyond the basics to cover fluid-structural coupling, where we integrate fluid and structural dynamics. Throughout the webinar, we’ll guide you through practical application workflows using Ansys Mechanical, making it easy to follow along. Real-world examples will show you how versatile Ansys Mechanical is for tackling different engineering challenges. The webinar wraps up with a summary of key points and a Q&A session. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your knowledge and skills in acoustics!

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