A Systematic Approach to Material Selection using Granta Selector

A Systematic Approach to Material Selection using Granta Selector

In the early stages of product development, careful consideration of material options is crucial for achieving optimal performance. Factors such as lightweighting, cost reduction, and environmentally friendly credentials are typically important aspects to be taken into account. The challenge lies in the rational selection of materials to maximize overall benefits. In this context, we examine materials for a specific product as a case study.

Prof Ashby et al. propose a systematic approach to material selection, involving the identification of Function, Objectives, and Constraints in the design process. It is essential to pinpoint the mechanical properties crucial to the performance of a product. While strength is undeniably important for ensuring the structural durability, it is not the limiting factor in terms of performance. In essence, the journey of material selection extends beyond a mere checklist of properties; it entails an understanding of the interplay between form, function, and material characteristics.

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