New & Emerging Simulation Technology for Electric Vehicles

With transportation serving as a vital pillar of the global economy, its significance spans both commercial and recreational spheres. As the automotive industry undergoes swift metamorphosis driven by the latest technological advancements, ANSYS Simulation proudly unveils an array of state-of-the-art tools, including Discovery, EMA3D, and Motor-CAD. Meticulously tailored for applications in Advanced Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Batteries, these tools harness the potential of novel and emerging technologies. Their prowess not only expedites the path to market but also adeptly navigates the intricate complexities that have emerged within the sector.

We enthusiastically urge you to be a part of this event, where we delve into the intricate nuances that underscore pivotal decisions in the realm of advanced EV and battery simulation. By tapping into the formidable capabilities of ANSYS new and emerging technologies, participants will glean invaluable insights into seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge technologies during the initial design phase of EV applications. This dedication resonates positively with consumers, corporations, and governmental bodies alike.
Speaker from ANSYS Inc.
Mr. David Street, Asia Director of Sales
for New and Emerging Technologies, Ansys Inc.

David has been with Ansys for over 22 years and all his tenure has been spent working across Asia. He has held various management and leadership positions within the company. With an aggressive growth strategy, driven by launching new products, through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, David is currently responsible for bringing these new software solutions to market across Asia.

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