Advanced Electric Vehicle and Battery Simulation Solutions

Advanced Electric Vehicle and Battery Simulation Solutions

Transportation drives the global economy. It’s at the heart of both business and pleasure. ANSYS Simulation bring you the most powerful tools in Advance EV and Battery application to improve time-to-market and manage system complexity in the rapidly transforming automotive industry in more applications, reducing environmental impact and cost for consumers, companies, and governments. Join us in this event to get understanding those decisions and realizing the benefits of advanced EV and battery simulation with ANSYS multiphysics analysis capabilities that enables simulation into the design phase of the EV applications product design and lifecycle.

Invited Speaker : Desmond Tan Desmond
Has been a Regional Technical Manager for ANSYS and Ansoft since 2004; he joined Ansoft in the year 2001 as a Senior Application Engineer. During his time with Ansoft, he has developed a broad range of applications and designs in many different areas with the customers, such as RF & microwave circuits, wireless communication systems, and SI-related products. He has also concentrated on the integration, interoperability, and customization of all Ansoft products. Prior to Ansoft, he worked at companies including Agilent, Tech Semiconductor, and Chartered Semiconductor as a senior staff engineer in Failure analysis and product engineering for over 10 years. He was primarily involved with optical devices, receiver & transmitter chip modules, Optocouplers, LEDs, Optical sensors, and RAM memory for military, automotive, communication, and consumer applications. He earned his 1st class Honors Degree from Glasgow University in Scotland and his Master of Engineering from NTU Singapore.

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